Instant Robot Programming Sytem (IRPS)

Until recently, robotization of welding work for production of single pieces and small series was not profitable. ONLINE programming of the robot takes too long, and calibrations and corrections often have to be performed after OFFLINE programming. In addition, both procedures require people who can use computers, program a robot and have the necessary welding knowledge.
INSTANT programming does not have those disadvantages.

The Instant Robot Programming System IRPS consists of a laser scanner, a computer and a touchscreen, which are added to a welding robot. The IRPS scans your product and automatically generates a 3D model of your product and a robot program and just seconds later the robot is already welding.

The program generation takes place because smart algorithms use a database in which welding knowledge and experience is stored and which you can intuitively adjust to your own wishes.

The IRPS focuses mainly on welding steel construction parts for, for example, hall and bridge construction, shipping, gratings, stairs and ladders.

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